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2D/2.5D Video measuring machines
Digital measuring projector
Large Scale CNC Video Measuring Machines
2D/2.5D CNC Video Measurement Series
Automatic CMM NC Series NG
Second billion high precision Instrument
Hardness Series
Microscope Series
Digital devices and optical grating Series
Gauge Series
3D Laser Scanner


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Southern China: 13712151177 Ms.Chen
Company address: NO.67 Binhe Rd, Shatou,Chang??an tow?n, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, PRC

Yonggang Photoelectric Co.,Ltd is Taiwan-funded enterprises established in Dongguan in 2000, is a company specializing in manufacturing, marketing Second, Third, projectors, Application of Sanfeng Gauge, hardness, pushing tension meter, microscopes and measuring instruments to the various enterprises.
  The company for years has been sincere letter, serve as the goal, integrity, Customer service credit for the first goal of a sustainable operation.

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?2D/2.5D Video Mea...
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?Automatic CMM NG
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